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Fall Out Boy New Song?

2008-05-19 19:18:36 by antigenalvin

Beat It - Fall Out Boy

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Michael Jackson tribute or mock?

I guess they did ok, never kenw they could do somethin like that with an mj song :o. I like some of their other old songs but their recent ones have been off for me. and I think I saw Turk from scrubs doing some weird dance


ehem...yeah but anyways comment!


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2008-05-19 19:44:04

How do you get Youtube vids on NG blogs? just curious.
AND if this is a tribute to Michael Jackson, this band is gay.


antigenalvin responds:

you take the embeded code from the video website on utube, then when you post a newspost theres a button that says embeded video. click it and paste that code you got from utube on it.


2008-05-19 19:45:28

Yeha I think its a mocking cuz it has funny stuff like a guy fighting a sumo wrestler :P

antigenalvin responds:

yeah I kno i was like wtf? this band gets crazier every song :P


2008-05-19 19:50:24

I don't really like that song.


2008-05-20 16:24:33

Patrick Stump has a great voice, and the bass line in the song is truly addictive. David Cook did Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean", and I think his performance was better than FOB's.


2008-05-21 18:24:04

this is definitely mocking....................i really hope it's not a tribute cuz this band is good.


2008-05-22 17:03:41

Okay... Weird. Updated List:
Guitar Hero
Death Note
Fall Out Boy